Introduction Of Superconductivity and New Energy R & D Center

   Superconductivity and New Energy Research and Development Center (SNERDC) of Southwest Jiaotong University, formerly known as superconductivity research and development center, was founded in 2003 while officially renamed on 21 January 2011 to meet the expansion needs of center for new energy exploration. With school of materials science and electrical engineering, our center jointly organized the "Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology Materials of Ministry of Education" and "Key Laboratory of Maglev Train and Maglev Technology of Ministry of Education", respectively.

   SNERDC consists of four departments: superconductivity and maglev technology, new energy materials and technology, multiscale structures of advanced materials, and central laboratory of superconductivity. It primarily engaged in basic research related to frontier and cross-scientific areas of applied research and technology of superconductivity and new energy. It is a research institute for graduate education, focusing on superconductor, new energy materials and related applications, featured with multidisciplinary of materials, physics and electrical science. Till now over 100 research students have been graduated from this center. It owns experimental space of 1,500 square meters with 46 experimental operating tables, placed with over 25 million large-scale high-precision equipments including ultra-low temperature phase tester, field emission scanning electron microscope, superconducting quantum magnetometer, etc.

   Supervised by Changjiang Scholars, National Outstanding Youth Fund winner Professor Yong Zhao, SNERDC owns a number of academically outstanding young talents of 7 professors, 10 associate professors and 6 lecturers, of whom 82.6% have PhD degree. It actively involved in the major scientific research projects and the major construction projects of national infrastructure, and takes charge of a lot of commitment by the national science foundation of China, " 863" , "973 " programs of ministry of science, doctoral fund of ministry of education, et al, with total research funding over twenty million yuan. It has made great achievements in recent years by declaring more than 82 national invention patents of which 58 have been obtained. Scientists in SNERDC have published more than 200 papers on the domestic core journals and international academic journals, of which more than 150 are SCI and EI articles, attracted international attention and specially reported by first-class academic journals.

   SNERDC is based in the west China while thinks globally. Communicating with overseas scholars widely and established international cooperation channels, it carries out exchanges and cooperation programs of scientific studies with the University of New South Wales, Australia, Universities and Research Institutions the University of Kansas, USA Argon National Laboratory, Joint Center Austria, Japan Kyushu University, RIKEN in Japan, Taiwan Amendments University of Technology, Taiwan Kaohsiung University of Applied Science and Technology, et al.

   In recent years, SNERDC has invited a number of domestic and foreign academicians for academic exchanges and academic reports. It also hired or dignitaries awarded honorary professor to well-known scholars or visiting professor for regular academic seminars. Yong scientists and teachers are regularly sent abroad for further studies.

   Adhering to the spirit of Southwest Jiaotong University, SNERDC is climbing the heights of science with a long-term commitment to a high level of scientific and technological innovation. Focusing on development of research within material, new energy, physics and electrical engineering, aiming to independent intellectual property rights, SNRDC is building the first-class teaching and research institution with an international influence.