General Introduction Of Faculty

As the experimental and test platform of our center, laboratory focuses on the study and characterization of superconducting materials, superconductivity physics, maglev train and technology, solar cell materials and devices. The laboratory now has equipment with total value over 25 000 000 yuan, 1500 square meters of experiment real and dozens of experimental operation table, with advanced instruments to test and characterize materials structure, morphology, electrical properties, magnetic properties, including ultra-low temperature X ray diffraction, field emission scanning electron microscope, energy spectrometer, superconducting quantum interference device, physical properties measurement system, electrical transport and AC magnetic susceptibility test system, Hall effect tester. In addition, the laboratory possesses a complete film, block, strip preparation and processing equipment, composing of high vacuum magnetron sputtering apparatus, electrochemical workstation, high-energy ball mill, superconducting coated continuous sintering furnace. Laboratory provides excellent testing and supporting condition for innovative research of our center, holds the mission of obtaining research results with independent intellectual property rights, and makes great efforts to build academic research of platform with international influence.

The Researchers
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