Thestudy of superfluid momentum orbital angular in dimensional chiral

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 Here I will report time reversal symmetry breaking of chiral superfluid / superconductor is one of the frontiers hotspot objects condensed matter physics. Chiral superfluid Cooper determined to carry orbital angular momentum. From the viewpoint of strong pairing BEC, p_x + ip_y each Cooper pair wave superfluid carry orbital angular momentum 1, and thus the total orbital angular momentum is equal to N / 2; but weak BCS pairing viewpoint, only near the energy gap the energy gap state by the impact, thereby pressing factor containing total orbital angular momentum: Lz(Δ / εF) × N / 2. Consideration consists of N-dimensional fermions composed p_x + ip_y chiral superfluid (such as 3He superfluid A phase), its orbital angular momentum L is pressing factors including, in the last four years of exploration there is not a widely satisfactory result. This is the so-called intrinsic angular momentum paradox (Intrinsic Angular Momentum Paradox). In this report, I told our recent findings: We found p_x + chiral superfluid orbital angular momentum ip_y-free pressing factor, and higher order chiral superfluid (eg dx2 - y2 + idxy wave) of the orbital angular momentum by the strong repression, and reveal this difference is due to different edge states.

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