Yan Chuanpeng

Yan Chuanpeng
doctor   Associate Professor  
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Yan Chuanpeng, Associate Professor.

His research interests include the fabrication of compound semiconductors and the manufacture of the sputtering targets. He has developed the CuIn1-xGaxSe2 targets for the second generation photovoltaic cells. The conversion efficiency of the cells sputtered from his targets has been over 13%. He has developed the sputtering targets for the thermoelectric materials, such as Bi-Sb-Te, Bi-Te-Se and Ge-Si. The thermoelectric conversion efficiency of the thin film cells made from these targets has reached 7%. Moreover, he has developed the industrial production technology for the function ceramics processed by hot isostatic pressing and vacuum hot pressing. He has published more than 10 research articles and three Chinese invention patents.