SWJTU Locomotive Park Unveiled

Writer:IAO  PublishDate:2016/3/31  ClickCount:452

 As the first museum displaying the development of China’s railway industry, SWJTU Locomotive Park was unveiled at Xipu campus on March 16. Vice Chairman Gui Fuqiang attended the unveiling ceremony .

 The park is one of the fist members of Chinese Museum Association and located nearby south campus gate, the starting point of the “SWJTU Culture Axis”. As the key project of SWJTU’s 120th anniversary celebration, the park integrates the function of classroom, forum and scientific experiences.

 “Jiaoda has witnessed the vicissitudes of China’s railway industry and formed a community of shared destiny. The founding of the park demonstrates the diligence of SWJTU People from generation to generation,” said Gui, “and bears the essence of railway culture.”

 “Since 1896, SWJTU has been dedicated to cultivating talents for China’s railway industry. From steam locomotive and internal combustion locomotive to electric locomotive and maglev train, SWJTU has been playing a significant role in these breakthroughs marked in China’s railway industry,” said Xu Bochu, the designer of the park.

 SWJTU will hold the anniversary ceremonies in this May.


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