Functional materials and its theoretical simulation international seminar held in our school

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 In recent years, with energy and environment problem increasingly prominent, energy technology (ET) as a strategic points after IT technology and has been paid great attention in many advanced countries. Related to energy materials, such as superconducting materials, photovoltaic materials, as well as the future fusion reactor experiment in extreme materials and other functional materials needed to get the great importance to science and industry. At the same time, with the rapid development of computer technology, the theory of simulation is one important way of related research. July 1-3, 2013, superconducting by southwest jiaotong university and the new energy research and development center to undertake the 2013 international symposium on functional materials and its theoretical simulation (2013 FMTS) was held in nine international conference hall in the campus. Conference attracted from the United States, Germany, Belgium, Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR and China Taiwan well-known experts and scholars of colleges and universities, research institutions, as well as representatives of professional organizations, companies, enterprises and the guests were mre than 200 people took part in the international academic conferences.

 Vice-chancellor professor Fan Pingzhi opening and welcome guests at home and abroad on behalf of the school, Fan Pingzhi vice President of the school development was introduced and the southwest jiaotong university in recent years, achievements in this field. Meeting a member of advisory committee, vice chairman of the sichuan province people's political consultative conference, the Chinese academy of sciences advisory committee of chengdu branch director professor Zhang Yudong congress addressed the general assembly, congratulations to the smooth convening of the meeting. The meeting chairman, southwest jiaotong university superconducting with professor zhao yong, director of the center for new energy research and development to declare the opening of the conference, and wish the conference a complete success. Executive chairman of the conference, superconducting and new energy research and development center water full professor deng presided over the opening ceremony.


 Meeting centered at present some important functional materials, especially energy material and extreme material preparation, the key problem in the study of the performance test and so on, and the related theory of simulation for the international discussion. For the senior experts in the related fields at home and abroad, the young scholars and graduate students with an academic discussion and technical exchange platform, the convening of the meeting, to promote our country and foreign energy technology research team effective communication and cooperation, for our school of scientific research in the field of energy development will play a positive role in promoting.

 The meeting with a total of 12 invited report, 19 oral presentation and post report 78. Among them, the Max Planck institute in Germany, solid science institute Jurgen Kohler, A professor at Hong Kong Baptist university Michel a. Van Hove professor, university of new south wales, Charles c. Sorrell, A professor at the Max Planck institute in Germany, Mr. Harper institute Klaus Hermann, A professor at the Chinese academy of sciences on silicate Ceng Yuping professors, respectively and functional material, energy material, material simulation, long-short aspects made invited to report on the hot issues. In the conference venue in the academic exchanges, the scholars, superconducting materials, inorganic materials, such as fusion/fission reactor front wall materials, rare earth materials, new energy materials, magnetic materials and topology related theory is simulated, optical materials, materials and applications in active discussion, a total of 19 the authors made a speech. The height of the academic atmosphere, deeply domestic and foreign experts and scholars praise.

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