Series interviews of strategy of talent strong school zhaoyong: let people make root

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 As superconducting and new energy research and development center director, 53 years old this year, professor zhao yong, introduced to jiaotong university since 2003, in the post for ten years. Talk about the change of the superconducting center, his proficiency therein.

 Superconducting and new energy research and development center, scientific research and teaching team together, before and after only 23. It is very young, was founded in 2003. Work less, although superconducting center, young people have a lot of: 82.6% has a doctorate in teachers, participated in major research topic in the field of national basic and important scientific project construction, and to undertake a large number of national natural science fund, ministry of science and technology "863" plan, "973" plan, the ministry of education doctoral fund, "the ministry of education innovation team", the basic scientific research in colleges and universities were special funds such as scientific research project, the cumulative research exceeds twenty million yuan. Is such a team, 82 has been declared national invention patents, has obtained the patent authorization 58. In domestic core journals and international academic journals published more than 200, among them by SCI, EI, included more than 150, more than paper international first-class journals attention and special reports.


 Superconducting and small laboratory from the initial development up to now, the new energy has become a research and development center has four secondary institutions, has 1500 square meters and 46 experimental experiment operation table, first-class laboratory equipment.

 When it comes to superconducting upheaval, professor zhao yong thought it should be attributed to the school vigorously implement talent strong school strategy, school leaders and related functional departments of your care and support.

 When it comes to talent strong school strategy, professor zhao yong think talent is fundamental, school development so it is urgent to implement the strategy of talent strong school master. At present, the increasingly fierce global competition for talent, talent of western developed countries has become more and more heated, and do our utmost to colleges and universities, many countries have a detailed investigation, the screening through various channels, constantly increase the intensity of high-end talent selection, not stick to the talent selection and appointment.

 Zhao yong, a professor of living in Australia for more than 20 years, has been felt especially profound. He said: in the early 90 s last century, the university of new south wales, Australia is aimed at the global first-class talent, recruitment "postdoctoral" principal funds around the world, the advertisement is published in world-class journals nature and science. That a global apply 162, finally admitted to six. Just to recruit postdoctoral, university of new south wales poured pay big money, expend energy, its emphasis on talent.

 If the war for talent between the western colleges and universities is going it alone, so talent tussle for the country and the country is playing, collective joint operations. Many countries often according to their own strategic need to attract top talent, improve the competitive power of country as a whole. As early as 1992 Australian to develop talent development strategy, set up a post-doctoral researcher, senior research fellow at the level, recruiting talented people around the world. In 2000, to attract and retain outstanding subject leaders, and around the world to launch a federal researcher, set up a science professor, donated by state allocation, fund raising, companies such as a variety of channels, a sharp increase in personnel, and in the office conditions, test facilities, create conditions, such as experiment succeeded in attracting a large number of outstanding talents.

 Compared with the international talent market, the launch of national outstanding youth fund plan, one thousand plan, one hundred plan, the Yangtze river scholars program, is in line with international standards, intensify efforts to attract overseas returnees and internationalized talents, promoting the effective measures of national soft power. And implement the strategy of talent strong school primary school, is the inevitable choice of corresponding to the international and domestic situation.

 In fact, if not the school attaches importance to and implement talent strong school strategy, as zhao yong of the introduction of talent may be difficult to walk into the southwest jiaotong university, southwest jiaotong university.

 Training in the field of high temperature superconductor research in China first, Dr Zhao yong, a professor at since was introduced to southwest jiaotong university in 2003, has grown to the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars distinguished professor and chief professor of national outstanding youth fund gainer, the school. Review of the growth process of 10 years, zhao yong feel very lucky, a lot of regrets.

 If schools did not, he argues, broad vision, the broad mind, perhaps is hard to introduce myself. If the school is not continuous attention and support personnel, and simply put, then your will not feel the jiaotong university people's sense of honor the master, there would be no strong work atmosphere, let alone dedicated, scientific research and innovation. In the eyes of professor zhao yong, schools not only to support his research, he also invited to participate in national rail transit declaration of laboratory, from the first draft, several drafts before the final version, he gets more and more from the school, family care, virtually deeper is blended in among them. Professor zhao yong is studying physics, came to the school, his academic research, according to the school quickly adjust the direction, to materials, superconducting materials, and superconducting applications of cutting-edge research, and actively participate in the associated research, has achieved remarkable results. He set up a high temperature superconducting materials, electric, magnetic, thermal dynamic coupling theory; Developed a series of new conductor buffer layer of coating materials and the epitaxial film growth technology, made a series of independent intellectual property rights, to a certain extent changed the Europe, the United States and Japan in the high temperature superconducting coated conductors buffer layer material technological monopoly situation.

 As a leader, zhao yong is not only by the introduction of talent, and constantly introduce talents. What is talent? In his view, the talented person has three major characteristics. One is timely. Person's energy is limited, physiological age tend to academic age there is a certain proportion relationship. Young talents, no doubt, is one of the most creative passion and innovation ability. 2 it is talent has the power. Academic foundation weak, the mainstream of emerging disciplines, more needs to be strong talent to develop. As Australia's national fund of the judges, professor zhao yong turning over a number of application for years, every year, in class also unceasingly to enhance. Before the applicant results often have two or three important papers, now the applicant more has 10 articles. Three is talent with discipline. Personnel engaged in theoretical research and applied research in areas such as vary, its innovative point is different, is not the same as the law of natural growth. Engaged in theoretical research, the very young can become famous, but the application research on the rich experience to accumulate, some famous tends to lag. Different disciplines and different research direction, the talents growth pattern is different, so pay attention to talents, needs to act according to actual circumstances,.

 Foreign universities and scientific research system is different with domestic, in addition to the fixed faculty positions, often several, recruitment of faculty research grants 70% of its get on employment, 30% used in experimental operation, pay attention to different levels of talent, professor to lead the leading role. Professor zhao yong have had two years experience in the center of the Japan international superconducting. As a research unit, the Japan international superconducting center, colleges and universities by means of recruitment and is not the same, need to look for it for projects. The center has a specially designed equipment, low temperature tunnel microscope, expensive, who need to study a professional talents. In order to find the ideal talents, Japan's international center of superconducting painstakingly, from the subject selection, authorities recommend, official recommendations, personal relationship to introduce and so on, try every means to attract talents, to find the right person in the whole world. They did the job work is exquisite, meticulous.

 How to attract talents, retain talents? In the eyes of professor zhao yong, is to have a taste, vision and take a long-term view, thorough understanding, director of the excellent talents and recruitment of the world. At the same time, to have a career in scientific research of the fair, not with personal self-interest; Should pay close attention to the growth of talent, can continue to play for them, the director of the platform structures, inspire their research passion and power.

 Let the personnel take root

 Zhao yong, a professor at the thought, the introduction of talent into the school, the talents, there must be suitable soil, we must build up their own team, can fall to the ground to take root, innovative and vibrant. With only a man's wisdom, even if again thought, more observation, again big under great pains, and only two hands, eyes, is limited after all. Scientific research team, the team members of the original ideas can compensate for each other, each other learning board can be minimized, in the field of academic research can quickly out of the results.

 "Scientific research team is like a football team, everyone has a certain division of labor, the division of labor without apportionment, but depend on oneself to be adjusted according to the team." Zhao yong said, is to do so. As a very young department school, ten years, superconducting introduced numerous talents with new energy research and development center, including PuMingHua, Jiang Ji, Chen Yongliang, all the water, deng Guo Chunsheng, Zhao Lifeng outstanding scientific and technological personnel, etc. They come from, Germany's Max Planck institute of solid scientific research institute, Chinese academy of sciences, city university of Hong Kong, huazhong university of science and technology and other colleges and universities, the subject law, diversity is rich, the development of talent and the team itself is very helpful. Superconducting center through introducing talents, in fact, rapidly enlarged the scope of their research, from the original material using direction, expanded to thermonuclear fusion, solar cells, superconducting magnet other applications, such as four directions, involving disciplines such as materials, physics, chemistry, direction of each different, formed the different administrative levels, the focus of the research team. Each team leader, can acquire the: not only can do their own professional research, but also can give full play to the talents, in the study of cross involved, is blended in among them, deeply rooted in the team.

 Scientific research team of the most important job is to innovation, how to? "It's like hug grass rabbit. Research, a person must have a common thread, but should not be too narrow, or study easy to walk into a dead end job. The research direction to have certain width, must have the extension and expansion, it's like the grass. Only a deep, solid basic skills, can put the knife sharpening, constantly can independently. The academic frontier once appear new luminescent spot, is about to get up, new achievements." Professor zhao yong said earnestly, "hug grass rabbit, is not only the test of talent skill, also is the original ability, innovation ability of the test."

 Superconducting center under his guidance, follow the academic frontier, the hot spots, appeared a batch of new material, new research result: establish the nanoscale magnetic flux pinning theory model, illustrates the impact of high temperature superconducting oxide grain boundary on current-carrying capacity mechanism, develop repair grain boundary, improve the overall performance of high temperature superconductor technology; High temperature superconducting material is established electric, magnetic, thermal dynamic coupling theory; Developed a series of new conductor buffer layer of coating materials and the epitaxial film growth technology, made a series of independent intellectual property rights, to a certain extent changed the Europe, the United States and Japan in the high temperature superconducting coated conductors buffer layer material technological monopoly situation.

 The load history of superconducting center, is the study of the iron-based superconductors. In 2009, is a doctorate Chen Yongliang writing papers "Ir Doping - Induced Superconductivity in the SmFeAsO System (doi: 10.1021 / ja901065p)", published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (Journal of the American Chemical Society, JACS). The paper reported a new class of iron-based superconductor materials, found that it became after Japan, the Chinese academy of sciences of iron-based superconductor characteristics of another important discovery, for iron-based superconductor research provides an important experimental basis, peer recognition at home and abroad.

 Application projects, the construction platform, to complete the project, and guide the graduate students, fosters the talent team is consistent. Looking forward to the future, zhao yong, a professor at the right of autonomous enrolment of superconducting center did not graduate students, chagrined. Ten years, professor of center of superconducting associate professor to double, but the quality and quantity of recruit graduate students didn't have corresponding improvement. At present, the center through other college recruit graduate students, not only the number can't guarantee anything, can guarantee the quality, if the long-term development, has the potential to be the bottleneck of team development. "People can't do it just, just can't do it", this is not only the waste to introduce talents, also is a kind of waste of resources for schools. Learned recently, graduate school of superconducting center faces difficulties, are hard to solve, professor zhao yong is full of expectation, feel again the southwest jiaotong university practical sureness style in implement talent strong school strategy plays a positive role.

 Superconducting and director of the center for new energy, zhao yong, director of the ministry of education key laboratory of advanced materials, southwest jiaotong university, chief, a professor at the cheung kong scholars, a professor at the national first batch of foreign outstanding youth fund gainer, doctoral supervisor.

 1988 superconducting doctor of science degree in physics, China university of science and technology is the first Dr HTS China's own culture. As President of the university of new south wales in Australia in 1990-2003 fund postdoctoral researcher, Australian research council, a senior fellow at the professor, researcher, and superconducting research from the university of new south wales in Australia since 1994. From 2000 to 2002, was invited as a visiting international superconducting technology center (Japan) scientists (industrial researcher). Since 1997, successively as zhejiang university, guest professor of Beijing university, huazhong university of science and technology.

 Professor zhao yong long engaged in the high temperature superconducting physics, superconducting materials and research of high temperature superconducting maglev technology. In the high temperature superconductor material preparation, nanoscale magnetic flux pinning mechanism, coated conductor all chemical preparation, superconducting materials, superconducting maglev iron base theory and application has achieved remarkable results. Has more than 30 was invited as a guest at the international conference reports and served as chairman of the meeting or the branch President. So far, professor zhao yong has presided over more than a dozen countries (China and Australia) and natural science fund project nearly ten international cooperation projects, published more than 300 papers, including more than 170 SCI papers, for China, the United States, Japan, and the European Union, a total of more than 60 invention patents, China, Australia, and Japan's science a total of 12 items.

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