New safety education training goes well

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  In order to guarantee the experiment and the normal work of teaching and scientific research, the superconducting center security work in the first place. According to the superconducting center laboratory safety management measures, superconducting center laboratory management shall practise a system of admittance of safety education training exam. At 7 PM on September 13, 2013, 2013 superconducting center's safety education and training in civil pavilion academic reporting hall of 1715 center was held successfully.


 Lab director at the meeting Yu Zhou, Sun Tiezeng teacher as "superconducting center laboratory safety management method", the center of superconducting inflammable, explosive, hazardous chemicals management method ", "regulations on fire control safety of institutions of higher learning and so on has carried on the study and interpretation, especially focusing on the" superconducting central laboratory safety emergency plan to introduce all kinds of after the accident? The site also demonstrates the use of the dry powder fire extinguishers, etc. Then, organize the students to watch safety accidents related to video and the test lab safety training mount guard.

 Through safety education and training to strengthen the students safety consciousness, set up the safety concept, has been clear about the security responsibility. We have said, in the future study life will secure the word in mind, attach importance to safety is to respect others respect for self respect for life.

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