Southwest Jiaotong University to deploy 58 priorities in 2016

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   March 2 PM, Southwest Jiaotong University 2015-2016 academic year second semester of the first regular session of the party and government work conference-cum-work arrangements in 2016 Xipu Campus Library Auditorium One held, president Xu Fei work carried out in 2015 summary, and the deployment of the main points of 2016, Party secretary Wang Shunhong concluding remarks.
   All the students of the school leadership, school units mid-level leadership cadres, assistant, academicians, thousands of people, the Yangtze River, Outstanding Youth, national teacher, green Qian, preferably blue, green pull, young high-level personnel of the Yangtze River, the main democratic parties the person in charge, Emei campus leadership team members and party office, the principal's office the main person responsible for school students, graduate students will be represented at the meeting. Deputy party secretary Chen Zhijian Chair.    Xu Fei to "adhere to the strategic focus firmly insist on doing steady advance practitioner of the revival of National Chiao Tung University," as its theme the school in 2015 summing up the work and school work in 2016 Highlights deployment. He noted that in 2015 the school seriously implement the spirit of the Fourteenth Congress, comprehensively strengthen party building and the building of leading bodies, "three major strategies" to actively promote, discipline construction, scientific research then pushed, continue to strengthen education, international cooperation and financing in depth, special work steadily carry out ideological and political education and cultural construction continued to strengthen internal management reform and the people's livelihood security work continued to deepen. He said, "2015 was an extraordinary year, the school from top to bottom concerted efforts to tackle tough year, seize the opportunity, work for a year, the harvest full, loud sound of a year."
   Xu Fei for the 2016 school 12 58 Key aspects of the work of the deployment. These priorities include: comprehensively strengthening party building, strengthening grassroots party organizations and cadres to comprehensively strengthen the ideological work, comprehensively building a clean government, strengthen ideological and political theory course construction, continue to promote journalism and propaganda work pattern of system building and capacity-building, to comprehensively strengthen the united front work, overall strengthening of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, retired work. Efforts to promote rail transport National Laboratory, and accelerate the construction of rail transit infrastructure laboratory equipment inspection, and further improve the "Rail National Laboratory building programs" in order to declare the project for the traction to the team as the starting point, to strengthen coordination with relevant departments gaining the support of the relevant departments. Firmly adhere to the strategy of talent strong school master, explore the implementation of talent strong school accountability, innovative talents working methods, both qualified personnel continue to implement plans. Further promote the internationalization strategy, service "along the way" strategy to consolidate the development of universities, research institutes cooperation with overseas and with more cooperation and exchange of scientific research institutions to carry out education, continue to implement the "International Academic Partnership Program upgrade" to achieve Leeds College of the Joint Education and a good start in the implementation of international Emei campuses embodiments, promote student education on a new level. Continued implementation of digital strategy, promoting the construction of campus information technology, information systems and networks to strengthen security work to co-ordinate the management of the school to promote the digital platform construction, innovative institutional mechanisms. Efforts to promote the four action programs and the "two-class" building to the national "double class" as an opportunity to study the development of the school "dual class" construction implementation plan, promoting discipline construction responsibility extends downward, starting from the point degree assessment system promoting arts, and accelerate biomedical disciplines. Deepen comprehensive reform, promote the comprehensive reform program to start implementation, actively and steadily promote the college Management System, and persist in advancing the implementation of teaching and research posts and setting a quota units and assessment reform, deepen comprehensive reform of personnel training mode, continue to implement Enrollment efforts to enhance the quality of undergraduate students, three campuses to promote the integration of a game of chess integrated management, and vigorously promote the law school, according to the school system. Continuously improve the quality of personnel training, build a "training objectives, process management, quality tracking, resource allocation" integrated teaching quality monitoring and assurance system, continue to push forward the comprehensive reform of degree and postgraduate education, study and explore multi-campus University background, uniform quality standards management model and the path to further promote innovation and entrepreneurship education system reform to promote sports, to comprehensively strengthen the national experimental teaching platform construction, promote the comprehensive reform of continuing education. Continuously improve the level of scientific research, to strengthen rail transport safety Collaborative Innovation Center, "2011 Plan" construction, the implementation of scientific and technological work of the Eighth Conference of the deployment of the organization to carry out the declaration. Actively promote political research cooperation and strategic alliances, and actively promote the provincial Ministry, Ministry of Provincial Division to build, to comprehensively strengthen alumni, improve the financing of college two school systems, and the implementation of central Sichuan Province "precise poverty" requirement, a solid job of work to assist Tibet University. Push forward the people's livelihood, the implementation of sub-level, focused campus environmental management, optimize the structure of funding, to promote the goal of budget management, strict budget execution, budget to carry out the evaluation and assessment, in accordance with the idea to promote active aging retired work. Well-run 120th anniversary celebration, the celebration of the working groups as an initiative, in close coordination, strengthen Jiaotong University celebration linkage.
    Xu Fei hope the school can stand on a new historical starting point for the 120th anniversary of the double six decades, school spirit Fourteenth Congress as a guide, adhere to the strategic focus, adhere steady advance, keep in mind the mission, put the responsibility on his shoulders, masters of mind, the spirit of racing against time, deepen reform, law school, pragmatic, implement the plan, to make a firm practitioner revival of National Chiao Tung University.
Wang Shunhong delivered a concluding speech, we proposed to the four requirements:
    First, I hope that we can implement the plan, and then implement implement implement. He said that the work to grasp firmly is not to grasp, grasping not equal to the white solid grip, so be sure to carry it out, "Only by grasping the implementation of our cause will be full of vitality." He stressed that the ability to implement the plan to do, whether to implement the plan is an important indicator of good test of leading cadres, ability level, so that all cadres of the new year, the school from top to bottom must be done to implement the re-implementation of the implementation.
    Second, together, united to look forward, lack of hardware software patch. Wangshun Hong said that the current school funding in a relatively tense state schools to develop, on the one hand to strengthen all aspects of the work, such as lead financial attract investment, cut costs; on the other hand to "lack of hardware software patch" in the hope to be up and down the whole school in a positive direction , in high spirits, but also work diligently to achieve the rapid development of the school.
    Third, I hope you seize the focus, pay attention to the pace of work, playing good "piano." 2016 heavy tasks, the school must pay attention to "top priority", he focused on the work of the school 12 aspect again emphasized.
    Fourth, I hope you must pay attention to people's livelihood projects, so that teachers and students to share the results of the reform. "To my heart filled with ordinary people, those for whom" let the majority of teachers and students in the course of a busy feel effective, feel the rhythm, feel the happiness, to get a sense of accomplishment. He hoped that all units should be placed on livelihood projects, good "people" work, let the teachers and students to work in a good mental state.
    The last meeting, Mr Chan talked about the hope that all school units to study and implement the 2016 priorities and seriously study and understand secretary Wang Shunhong important speech content, to be masters of mind, use the spirit of seizing the day, the condemnation, the initiative as a positive, creative to work, take the initiative to fill the seats fill station.

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